Can I Be Allergic to My Bra?

November 7, 2014

It’s not exactly the bra you might be allergic to, but what’s in it. The latex found in the elastic bands and straps of conventional bras contain allergens that irritate sensitive skin, resulting in a slew of possible reactions that range from annoying to downright distressing. Common symptoms of a latex allergy include itching, swelling, […]

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Hemp Bath Towels – Now at Natural Clothing Company

February 7, 2013

Hemp bath and hand towels – beautiful natural and simple. These towels have a bit more grainy texture than pure cotton but still very soft and comfy. Hemp has a lot of wonderful properties: great absorbency, is naturally anti-bacterial so the towels is not going to harbor bacteria and your skin stays safe. Hemp as […]

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Organic Cotton Clothing- The Staple of Organic Clothes

November 22, 2012

Value and Health of Organic Cotton Clothing Cotton fibers have great qualities: it breathes, making it comfortable and healthy in hot weather. It protects from UV rays. It can be finished to different quality of softness and without chemicals, it is pleasant to the skin.  Most importantly, organic cotton is safe  for the skin, your […]

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Have Your Hair Done at Bliss Organic Salon for the Holidays

November 21, 2012

At Bliss Organic Salon, they believe that one of the most important things you can do for your health and beauty is reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals by using products that contain safer and more organic ingredients. In the salon, and at home, they strive to use products made with organic ingredients, and more […]

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Bliss Organic Salon’s 1st Annual Hair, Skin, Bodycare Swap and Exchange

May 6, 2012

On Saturday, May 19th, 10am-3pm It’s SPRING! Clean out your pantry, your linen close, under your sinks, the edges of your shower or tub and bring it in. Bring in any used, opened (or unopened) hair, skin or body products to Bliss Organic Salon in Monroe between 10am-3pm, take a look through what’s already been […]

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NYR Organic – Best Organic Brand

January 23, 2012

Best Organic Brand from Natural Health Magazine’s Readers Choice Award 2011. Health is at the heart of all we do. All our products are designed to enhance your beauty by enhancing your health – from the inside with natural remedies and from the outside with effective organic skincare formulations and pure essential oils. Our values include […]

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