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Other Top of the Francis Anderson Building 700 Main St Edmonds WA 98020 Website: http://www.tangerinepower.com/edmonds
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The Frances Anderson Center Solar Program (“Program”) is a project of Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative.

The purpose of the Program is to:

*Provide discounted electricity to the Frances Anderson Community Center for the duration of the initial 9.5 year contract, and potentially for many more years if the City of Edmonds desires.

*Provide a way for the community surrounding the Community Center to support the transition to clean energy.

*Educate the Edmonds community about solar energy.

*Earn State of Washington Solar Production Incentives, and provide cash rewards up to the SunSliceā„¢ buyer’s original purchase. (e.g. a Member buys a Cooperative Membership for $25 and a SunSlicetm for $1,000 and receives an average of $100/year in cash rewards for 10 years, funded by available incentives.)

*Provide the Co-Op with the potential ability to direct future local clean energy benefits out of surplus funds at the end of the contract period.

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