Banner/Display Ads

Advertise with a Banner/Display Ad
Display targeted ads that match directory content
Reach people seeking information on green products and services
Build brand recognition
Return on Investment – Start getting customers in minutes!

For each spot you can place:
A 468 px x 60 px banner ad image $500 a year
Featured: A 180 px x 150 px banner ad image $ 350 a year
Sponsored Links: A 180 px x 100 px text ad with link $250 a year

When you place your order you can choose what sections of the Green Business Directory Snohomish County your ad will appear.  Banners can be set to run in a specific category as well for pinpoint targeting.

Please note that your ad will be in rotation with others that have also purchased positioning for that spot.  Green Business Directory Snohomish County recommends you purchase full year. Your ad will appear throughout the Green Business Directory Snohomish County for an entire year.

If your budget is tight or you do not have a graphic banner in the needed size, consider a sponsored link. All you need is a few lines of text. This can be paid with paypal with recurring monthly payments.