Help Count Trains in Snohomish County

April 11, 2014

Help us count trains that pass through Snohomish County.

We will record:

  • coal trains
  • oil trains
  • freight
  • Amtrak

We will spend a week, with 24 hour a day 4 hour shifts, and we will take the resulting report to the fire departments, emergency preparedness groups and local politicians.

  • The purpose is to make sure they know exactly what is happening in the county and we will ask for their emergency plan should any of these trains derail, crash, or catch on fire while in our communities.

If you are willing/able to participate in the count, please go to this website and sign up for a shift.

There is more information at this website. You will be given all the information you need about how to identify the trains etc. You sit in your car to do your shift. Night shifts will have two people. The police departments will be notified as to what we are doing.


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