Can I Recycle Old VHS Tapes?

March 22, 2013

Q: I was wondering if you knew the closest place that I can take ALL my old VHS tapes to and have them recycled? I just don’t want to dump them in a dumpster.

Judy on Flowing Lake
Snohomish, WA

A: Judy, do you want to transfer all those VHS tapes you want to save to DVD. Family videos are a real treasure and can be a great way for your kids and their kids and many generations more to actually get to know who their parents were. But on VHS tapes, those memories might as wellbe in the trash, because ain’t nobody going to be able to watch those in 10 years. Here’s your best option for getting all those beautiful memories onto DVD.

Are you interested in getting crafty with those old VHS tapes, you can actually crochet old VHS tapes. Check out this short tutorial from Michelle.

Alternative Community Training, a nonprofit organization in Missouri that provides jobs to people with disabilities, will take your old tapes and erase them, reselling the ones in good condition and recycling the plastic parts of the rest.

Judy another option is to send your old VHS tapes to GreenDisk. They have a nifty word for technology that’s gone obsolete: technotrash.  They’ll take that technotrash and recycle it for you — if you ship it to them.

If you’d rather not pay a penny, freecycle those tapes. This might be a good option to try first since most people will pick them up from your house if they’re interested, and of course, there’s no cost to you. Post an e-mail on the list about your collection, and who knows, you might actually find someone who wants your VHS tapes.

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