All Battery Sales and Service Champions Recycling Dry Cell Batteries

August 3, 2012

In 2011 ABS&S searched for new ways to recycle alkaline batteries economically and responsibly. Prior to July 2012 all alkaline batteries were shipped to a final recycling destination in  Arizona, where the batteries were broken down and recycled as construction filler material, low grade steel products and crop nutrients. Obviously the cost of shipping and the carbon footprint that was expended made this recycling solution costly in several ways. Contact was made with local industry and arrangements were made to ship waste alkaline batteries directly to these local plants for repurposing.

This recycling solution allowed ABS&S to drastically cut recycling costs to counties, municipalities and businesses. The solution also opened the door to discussions with battery manufacturers regarding stewardship of recycling. Currently ABS&S is involved in developing test Stewardship Projects that could go nationwide by 2013. Listen to Seein Green interview from KSER 90.7Fm

These projects are aimed at redirecting responsibility for recycling waste batteries from the local governments to the battery manufacturers. With the economical and transferable model that ABS&S has established, this goal is attainable. Find All Battery Sales and Service on the Green Business Directory Snohomish County click here

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