What The Heck Do I Do With This Stuff?

February 27, 2012

Written by jack@allbatterysalesandservice.com

  • What do I do with these pesky alkaline batteries?
  • What about these rechargeable batteries that don’t recharge anymore?
  • How about this thing I think is a battery that is supposed to be a backup power supply for my George Foreman Grill and I don’t know what kind of battery it is?

Good questions all (except for having a backup power supply for your George Foreman grill! What are you thinking?!!).

The answers vary depending on if you are a business or resident and what county you live in. We’ll go through some options to help you recycle your batteries as well as other stuff you have laying around.

There are different requirements for businesses than for residents regarding battery disposal and recycling. They are covered under the Universal Waste Rule

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