SNO-ISLE Food Coop

December 29, 2011

“Community Owned, Everyone Welcome!”

SNOISLEFOOD BANNERA Co-op is an organization owned and operated by the people for the common economic, social, and cultural needs.

Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op opened on March 3, 1997. The mission was to provide healthy, natural whole foods to the community. Volunteers scraped paint, built walls and installed fixtures, alongside staff members, who stocked shelves. PCC donated much of their equipment from the Everett store.

True to this cooperative tradition; we are owned (and built) and operated by the people for the people. As a cooperative, we strive to have the best prices possible for natural and organic foods, and we are always searching for ways to make our store as efficient as possible. Most of all we are here to make an impact by supporting the community through education and training, philanthropy, and supporting local producers and businesses. Our products are carefully selected. click here to find out more.

We will be closed Jan 15, 2012 for an all staff and board Co-op meeting. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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